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      The shadow was swallowed up in darkness. The candle had been blown out, and Landor came back to the fire.

      The older pilot, staring at his accuser for an instant, as though hesitating about some sharp response, suddenly began to chuckle.Yes, Sandy spoke meaningly. This is the old Everdail estatethe one thats been in the newspapers lately because the people around here claim the hangar is haunted.

      They halted in front of him, and the woman swayed again, so much that he ran to her side. But she righted herself fiercely. Cairness was dismounted and was beside her, too, in an instant. He lifted her from the horse, pulled her down, more or less; she was much too ungainly to handle with any grace.

      After tea the ranchers settled down to smoke and read. The Reverend Taylor brought out his collection of specimens and dilated upon them to Cairness.


      They thought very well of the idea.


      As I live and breathe! So youre two of the lads who were in the other crate. Wheres the thirdand was that Jeff with you? I thought it must be.


      Miss Serena saw her run in her uniform, contributed Larry.