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      "Well, you ought to know best," returned Doctor Remy, carelessly. "Still, the woman is old and blind, and cannot be expected to know all that goes on in her presence. Major Bergan might have swallowed half-a-dozen things without her knowledge."

      He looked at her thoughtfully, gravely, but said nothing. It was said that Lord Trafford had, like Hawthorne, flashes of eloquent silence. This was one of them. A waltz was just over, and several couples passed them into the conservatory, into which there were two or three entrances. The buzz of chatter and laughter surrounded them; now and again some one could be heard distinctly. A voice, coming from a cluster of palms, just then reached them. It was a womans voice, and she was saying:

      "A delusion, Isa. Lord Lostwithiel is far away from Rome. Come, dear love, let me read to you again, and let us have our good Tabitha in to cheer you with a cup of[Pg 326] tea, and to brighten up the room a little. We have been growing low-spirited under the influence of the gloomy weather.""To Major Disney, Cornwall Fusiliers, Rangoon.Let me go to you at once. I am miserable. My heart will break if you leave me here."

      "And you have read that other story of her who knelt in[Pg 259] the dust at her Saviour's feet, and to whom He said, 'Neither do I condemn thee.'"

      Do, said Lord Selvaine, cheerfully. It will give you an appetite; Ive a good mind to accompany you, butwith his little smileIve a better mind to ride.Such love as mine lasts for a whole life, Trafford, said Lady Ada. It can never die. But you know that. I didnt come to tell you that I should never change; only to say good-bye andand to hear you say once more, and for the last time, that youyou love me!


      Norman Druce, he said.Trafford went upstairs, preceded by one of the footmen, who opened the door leading from the corridor to the suite of rooms always set apart and kept in perfect readiness for the marquis. They were among the best and stateliest in the house, as befitted the future duke and master; but, although they were magnificently and perfectly appointed, it may be hazarded that Trafford was quite as comfortable in his much smaller and more modest chambers in the Albany. His valet, who had come down in the same train, and ridden on the box-seat of the barouche, assisted his master to change his clothes; then Trafford went down-stairs, and into the library.


      "No, no, Martin; he was not a ruffian. He betrayed mebut I loved him. He knew that I loved him. I was a great a sinner as be. I was his before he stole me from my homehis in mind and in spirit. It was our unhappy fate to love each other. And I forgave him, Martin. I forgave him on that night of tempest, when I thought we were going to die together."Slowly, unconsciously, she began to feel a kind of pleasure in having him near her, in listening to his musical voice, even in looking at his grave, handsome face. She did not know that love was growing, growing up within her heart. Did not know it even when he ran up to town for a few days, and she missed him, and felt as if something had gone out of her life.


      N-ono; I dont think so. What happened? Ah! yes; he slipped. It was my fault; you told me not to. One momenteverything is spinning round.